Fixed Interest Loan Note 

Earn A Fixed Return Of Up To 15% P.A

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Key Investment Features 

1. Fixed Interest rate

2. Secured against property

3  First and only legal charge 

4. Term options available

5. Strong track record

Fixed Income Assets are proud to present a fantastic opportunity which offers a secured short to medium term investment focusing on the residential property sector.

What is a Loan Note?

A Loan Note works in the same way as a corporate bond. Loan Notes allow the investor the opportunity to directly participate in the funding of large scale property projects while limiting the risk factor.

Similar to a bank, the investor is exchanging capital for security on the building purchased. However, in this case a high rate of interest is paid to the investor in return. Loan Notes are a safe and innovative way to tap into hugely lucrative residential and commercial property markets without the hassle of ownership. 

As Seen In 

Why not invest in the conversion and regeneration of some of Britain's most iconic buildings........And earn up to 15% p.a in the process! 

  Joseph Locke House
Converting to 175 Flats
           The Works 
Converting to 124 Flats
The Works building        (Rear View)