Diversify your investment portfolio with high yielding property based investments returning up to 15% P.A. 


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Fixed Income Assets are a residential and commercial property investment agent specialising in high yielding based property assets aimed for the astute private investor.

With the uncertainty of the global pandemic, choosing the right investment opportunity can be a daunting prospect. As the global economy heads into uncertain times, it's only prudent that we provide our clients with alternative investment options as a potential hedge against what could be the worst global economic crisis in history. 

Our range of investment activities includes traditional and alternative property investments, bonds and other asset-backed investments such as secure fixed return loan notes.


Client Testimonials 

FIA were able to provide us with a strong income and excellent capital growth - just what we were looking for.  T.Michaels, East Sussex



The team at Fixed Income Assets were very attentive and guided us through the process

S. White. Herts


Great alternative option that really works  M. Duffy. Leeds


Excellent service  - we have made many recommendations since J.Shaw, Surrey