GodwinDevelopments is a UK focused regional property development and investment business. Godwin Capital No1 Ltd is part of its fundraising division. Godwin Developments’ strategy is to build and monetise an extensive and diversified portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed use freehold property assets primarily through investment in sites to develop out with the option to sell or hold for income.


The business will invest in a balanced portfolio of lower and higher yielding investments with a mix of short, medium and longer term maturity to optimise the value and timing of returns and cash flows from the investment programme, whilst maintaining an appropriate balance between risk and return.

GodwinDevelopments is a recognised and well regarded name in the Midlands property market and over the years
has built a good reputation for professionalism, quality and delivery. Founded in 2003 by Stephen and Stuart Pratt,
GodwinDevelopments has been a family run business, most recently, operating as a partnership with the brand
remaining constant over the years.
Their combined years of experience, local knowledge, connections and networks have been rewarded with a
strong pipeline of opportunities. These are currently valued at over £300m GDV, across the Midlands region
and have resulted in a significant increase in the number and scale of the opportunities being made available to


In 2015, Stephen and Stuart decided to scale the business to take advantage of these opportunities and have brought in new capability, management and advisers to deliver growth and to secure the funding necessary to take advantage of the increasing volume and scale of opportunities.

GodwinDevelopments operates with a small core leadership team who have a strong execution capability embedded in the individual GodwinDevelopments businesses.


The development of the business is supported by an Advisory Board comprising individuals with strong track records and considerable experience of building successful businesses in their respective industries.
The business operates from a head office in Birmingham with its operational centre in Nottingham and maintains a minimal presence in London for practical commercial reasons and for engaging with investors and customers

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